A personal concierge in everyone’s pocket

M2C empowers people and service providers
by enabling a seamless travel experience

Enrich your core offer with complementary services

Do you want to enrich your offer to meet your broad customers’ demands? We provide tools to easily discover and aggregate complementary services around your business, to retain and attract customers.

Available data models cover many steps of customers journey, such as planning or booking for transportation, accommodation, tourism…

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Improve your customer experience

Improve your customer experience by becoming a digital concierge – an application discovering and aggregating services – and by automating personalised interactions with your customers.

You can add to systems our white-label front and back-ends. They are ready-to-use platforms, including leading edge innovations, such as chat-bots and artificial intelligence.
They allow your customers to get highly personalised travel experience, based on their preferences.

Or, you can also create your own platforms.

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Increase the visibility of your services

As service providers, you get more visibility in the mobility ecosystem. We provide tools to directly expose your services through new channels. Then, they will be automatically identified and easily consumed by relevant third-party applications.

Available data models are compliant with the major standards in the industry, such as OpenTravel Alliance, FSM, …

We are enablers: you keep full control of your service and relationship with third-party partners.

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Easy to integrate

Our community standardizes interfaces and enriches existing ones, with the aim to cover the entire customer journey. Available data models are compliant with the major standards in the industry. These standardized interfaces smoothen the process for a newcomer to become visible, or to scale-up in many similar contexts.

All the tools are well documented, simple to use, and we provide extensive help: FAQs, tutorials and the support of the whole M2C community.

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MASAI addresses a diverse mobility services landscape in Europe: traditional service providers, operators, aggregators, distribution partners, online travel agencies, shared economy companies, technology providers, These may have different levels of IT maturity.

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