what is masai ?

MASAI is an ecosystem of service providers and concierges in the travel, mobility and tourism sector. MASAI enables a faster and more effective integration of applications for an efficient service provision and for a better seamless experience for travellers. Unlike having to access solutions separately, MASAI enables concierges and service providers to deliver a personal concierge in everyone’s pocket.

All stages of Travel

Dreaming, planning, booking, anticipating, en route, destination, aftersales…

Long-distance travel as well as local travel including all related services (including transportation and accommodation).

All purposes

Customers travelling for business as well as for leisure purposes.

Becoming a MASAI Member

MASAI provides you with simple technology and tools to enhance your business and enrich your customer experience. Explore your opportunity to grow their network, to gain visibility and to boost their performance.

As a service provider I want to promote my service

You can contribute one or more modules that become part of the MASAI ecosystem. By joining MASAI, service providers can ensure their service is available for inclusion in MASAI-derived apps and other tools. MASAI offers service providers an opportunity to network, gain visibility, and boost performance

Optimize costs

Optimise your integration costs with MASAI standardised mechanisms

Increase visibility

Make your service discoverable by peers, partners, and consumers alike

Minimal risk

Reduce risk and investment costs to aggregate services and integrate applications

As a concierge, I want to improve my customers' travel experience

You can contribute a model to connect travellers with MASAI services. Any participating developer, concierge provider, or service provider can develop concierge applications under the MASAI specifications. We encourage the development of diverse apps and services that meet all groups of targeted traveller needs.

Grow your business

Attract new customers through the MASAI network and expand your business

Offer real-time services

Easy integration of services and the ability of open and dynamic search

Enrich your customer’s experience

Offer instant customer services through dynamic searches against specific profile requirements, unlike keyword searches

provided tools

MASAI enables a seamless travel approach for your business and end-customer. We developed multiple tools, technologies, and models with innovative international partners to enrich your services and to reach the needs of the modern traveller

Modeling tools

Publisher wizard

Service discovery SDK

and more


We are focusing on providing European concierge services by connecting to local, regional and international service providers in order to provide travelers a seamless travel experience.

France - Nice

Local stakeholders have chosen MASAI technology to propose their digital services to third parties. The successful deployment of e-concierge application is triggering a wider adoption, with more services and stakeholders.


As part of the Smart Open Lisbon program we mentor start-ups and participants for seamless mobility and provide Mobi.Cascais with technology.

Trans Europe

Integrated a wide range of service providers in the countries Germany, Denmark and Holand.

join the masai ecosystem

Benefit from a rich set of tools, technologies,and specifications allowing a seamless travel experience. Take advantage of the growing ecosystem and strengthen your business by becoming an active member of the MASAI Mobility Community


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