Pilot : Europe

MASAI Piloting and deploying into concierges and service providers in Europe


As a founding member of the MASAI community, DB Systel GmbH is supporting the deployment of MASAI solutions in the European mobility ecosystem by focusing on a concierge model approach which is illustrated in the following video: https://youtu.be/pQteM4VwVhg

The pilot is one of three MASAI pilots and the main objective is to interlink diversified local and regional services (including some of those involved in the other pilots) to provide travellers a seamless travel experience with personalised support via a digital concierge. It is a full-scale demonstration utilizing all MASAI components and tools available to the community and integrating multi modal travel services on European, regional and local level.

The aim of the pilot was to demonstrate the business and technical readiness of MASAI components in an environment with 80.000 end users and a variety of service providers to meet the travellers’ needs in Europe. Moreover, the pilot applied third-party artificial intelligence components to improve the overall user experience and service quality.

The MASAI elements which were used are:

  • MASAI Search & Discovery
  • MASAI Concierge Apps
  • MASAI Folder Interface
  • Service modeler for new verticals


The major pilot partners in the Pan European MASAI pilot were DB Dialog in company with other DB services, Distribution, a European bus aggregator, and IT service providers including Mobile Agreements and 5LVLUP. Additionally the pilot drew on APIs of other stakeholders in the flight, hotel and leisure verticals.


Intermediary results of the pilot project:

  • The success of the pilot at DB Dialog has led to the decision to continue the deployment and to roll it out to other departments. Furthermore, other units are now being prepared for deployment.
  • The pilot showed the success of the community-driven approach as source code was shared on GitHub, an open software development platform, and its quality improved by contributions from other parties.
  • The pilot demonstrated successfully the robustness and technical scalability of the components handling up to 10.000 customer interactions per second.

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