Pilot : Nice

MASAI Piloting and deploying into concierges and service providers in Nice Côte d’Azur


As a founding member of M2C, DigiMobee is supporting the Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur and local partners to test MASAI technology on the territory. The Nice Cote d’Azur Metropole is aiming at offering tourists a richer travel experience during their stay on the French Riviera. The ambition of this pilot is to experiment the seamless aggregation of heterogeneous services, for business and leisure tourism.

This enriched experience relies on an e-concierge application which would meet customers’ demand by offering an aggregation of public and private local services (eg: information, booking, contactless access control for carsharing, bike sharing, public transport; tourism information, …) on the basis of traveller’s preferences and profiles.

The core use case is built around the MyVizito app, enriched with MASAI technology to provide congress delegates a personal e-concierge application. It will be used for the first time to support visitors attending TM Forum Live! Event in Nice in May 2018.

The successful first milestones are triggering a wider adoption, with more stakeholders – services providers and concierges.




An e-concierge at your fingertips with MyVizito

MyVizito used MASAI technology to expand its services, creating an e-concierge for their customers. Now, they are able to design personalised tourism trips in Nice area, from the discovery of best-suited activities, to the fulfilment of travel from one place to another.

Thanks to MASAI technology, the app now includes or access to a number of services — to name a few, NFC Nice Ticket, when a bus ticket is needed, Autobleue, Izzie, Vélobleu, respectively allowing travellers to see, book and unlock shared cars and bikes.


“MASAI technology greatly shortens and simplifies our development of interfaces with third party services while enriching our e-concierge app. As we want the best for guests, this is pivotal.”
                                    – Evelyne S. CEO MyVizito




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