Pilot : Portugal

MASAI Piloting and deploying into concierges and service providers in Portugal


As a founding member of the MASAI community, CARD4B is supporting the deployment of MASAI solutions in the Portuguese mobility ecosystem, both with cities and authorities, with major and minor service providers and concierges, and with start-up programs.

The main objective of MASAI pilot in Portugal is to show that, through MASAI tools, several small, fragmented and geographically or vertically dispersed services can easily be connected into several “simple” concierges and bring added value to the stakeholders at national level.

MASAI links a variety of stakeholders, e.g. small local services which exposing their services to a variety of concierge apps, major “Global” services such as long distance buses, trains or travel agencies, which aggregate other services into their portfolio, and Start-ups which play either a role of concierge provider or a service provider, publishing their service on the MASAI Search & Discovery.

Stakeholders such as Rede de Expressos, Mobi.Cascais, are active members using MASAI mechanisms as well as local services like Cityrama Grayline and TranSol which are able to expose their services to global concierges such as Rede de Expressos, Mobi.Cascais, GetYourGuide, Viator, or other niche aggregators such as Lisbom and Osiris, or even chat bot concierges, for instance from the Visor.ai start-up. Additionally, other startups such as Coworking.coffe or AppyFans, which participated in the MASAI/Smart Open Lisboa acceleration program, also publish their services into MASAI Search & Discovery.

MASAI technology is used to optimise the accessfrom different types of conciergesto local services, thanks to the modelling, publishing, discoveryand integration mechanisms. This allows the establishment of a set-up involving both local and global stakeholders, facilitating the seamless travel experience, on a local, national and even international level.


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