A personal concierge in everyone’s pocket

M2C empowers people and service providers
by enabling a seamless travel experience

For travellers who enjoy a variety of services, MASAI is an open community offering specifications and tools that make possible simple, seamless, personalised travel experiences. Unlike having to access solutions separately, MASAI enables a personal concierge in everyone’s pocket.

We facilitate an open ecosystem and open architecture

All MASAI services are published in MASAI Discovery and available to other community members.

MASAI services must be able to connect with concierges and service providers across the MASAI community. They can’t be exclusive to a handful of partners.


We provide components and proofs of concepts at no charge

MASAI community members can access all components and POCs at no cost, subject to these obligations:

  • Users must join the community and establish MASAI Pilot agreements.
  • MASAI components must contribute to the project’s open ecosystem.
  • MASAI components must not be used to build silo services closed to other community members.
  • MASAI components should be used in publicly available apps, web services, etc.


We foster an open community

Everyone can join the MASAI community as an observer, contributor, or MASAI Pilot.


We support open source

All MASAI components are available to MASAI Pilots in an open-source, community oriented approach.

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