MASAI as a Community
MASAI Mobility Community – M2C AISBL

MASAI is accompanied by MASAI Mobility Community (M2C), an international non-profit association of Belgian law (allowing for the international dimension of the association) (M2C was created in September 2016)

The M2C association is composed, beyond the founding members that are the partners of the MASAI project, of Operational members recruited by systematic approach.

The Operational Members sign a Memorandum of Understanding (or Letter of Intent) with M2C stating their contribution to the Community, e.g. description of their role in a pilot, development of a concierge, development of a folder environment, …

M2C agrees with the MASAI project, via a decision of the General Assemblies of both structures, to bring the expected support foreseen in WP6 to pilots that will be aggregated via M2C, by delegation of M2C

Agreement between MASAI Project and M2C:

The General Assembly recognises the strong relationship between M2C the MASAI Project, which partners are its founding members.

The General Assembly wishes that Operational Members which MoU includes demonstration actions that can take various forms such as Hackathons, Pilots, development of components, … will get adequate support from the MASAI Project, according to its WP6 objectives and Methodology.

M2C Board is empowered to negotiate the MoU with such Operational Partners in line with MASAI Project and in particular with such WP6 terms of reference.

The MASAI Project partners present in the M2C Board will control such coherence between demonstration actions from M2C Operational Partners and the support from MASAI Project partners.

M2C expenditure for such demonstration actions may, when appropriate and upon decision and control of the M2C Board, complement the in-kind support from the MASAI Project.

The pilot stakeholders are signing a MoU describing the scope of their involvement in the pilots will receive the in-kind support expected from the MASAI Project

This approach that has received a positive response from the MASAI Project Advisory Board as well as from the European Commission supporting the MASAI project.

It maintains the essential commitments of the MASAI consortium, only approaching these commitments – in what respects the selection of pilot stakeholders– in a more constructive way towards scalability, sustainability and business relevance of the pilots and adoption of MASAI results.

The MASAI statutes (below, with the Royal decree on M2C creation, for registred users) are supporting this approach with the implementation of adequate agreements with members (draft template for customisation below, for registred users).

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