About MASAI Project


MASAI IS A THREE-YEAR (2015-2018) R&D PROJECT ABOUT SEAMLESS TRAVEL IN THE HORIZON 2020 EU PROGRAMME. The vision of MASAI is to satisfy the overall requirements for services dreamed by each mobile citizen: a tailor-made aggregation of features – a digital concierge in everyone’s pocket. MASAI approaches this aim by building up a community of stakeholders, progressively contributing with adequate evolutions and improvements for the development of the core elements of a digital concierge, allowed by an ever-accelerating progress of technology.

The MASAI mission is to empower key stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry (Travellers, Concierges, Service Providers) in order to enable a seamless travel experience. This means that MASAI aims to serve:

  • All stages of the travel process, considering changes in travellers’ mobility patterns.
  • Long-distance travel as well as local travel including all related services
    (transportation, accommodation).
  • Customers travelling for business as well as for leisure purposes.

The MASAI mission is made possible by creating an open ecosystem (“MASAI Mobility
Community”) characterized by:

  • Its openness for innovations serving the customer needs.
  • Its adaptability and scalability fostering cooperation in a competitive environment
  • Its potential for direct discovery and connection between all MASAI Community
    stakeholders, while travellers are put in full control of their personal data.



MTA – Mobility, Ticketing & Apllications SPRL is involved in the coordination of small and large ticketing and IT projects and in business analysis and implementations.

CARD4B Systems SA is focused on providing software components and expert services for Integrated Mobility solutions and city-services, such as Public Transport, On-street and Off-street Parking, Tolls, Taxis, Car-sharing, Bike-sharing, On-demand transportation, Schools, Libraries, Pools, Stadium, Museum, among others.

DIGIMOBEE SAS is an engineering, software editing and integration SME, addressing ITS. The field of expertise lies in IT architecture for public transport and predictive telediagnosis for vehicle.

DB SYSTEL is the IT company of Deutsche Bahn Group and supports one of the world´s largest transport and logistics company with modern and efficient information and communication technologies.

Ximedes B.V. designs, builds, and runs transactional software and payment systems for companies in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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