Concierges are defined as mobile apps’ / web sites that access to multiple service providers. M2C provides mechanisms for any type of concierge to access seamlessly to different service providers within a uniformized language.

M2C offers example of Open Source Concierge for Concierge Developers which wish to use some existing basis.

Use Concierge back-office template >

Use Concierge application template for iOS / Android >

Concierges using Discovery

Concierges which want to discover dynamically the available services per type, location (e.g. geo JSON polygons), attributes, can use SDK to discover on multiple search engines.

Concierges which want to communicate dynamically with the discovered SPs, can use SDK to dynamically communicate with different SPs, which may implement different sub-sets of an ontology without hardcoded programming.

Use Discovery > | M2C members only

Concierges using Chat Bots / AI

Concierges which want to implement Bots/AI can use the output of MASAI modelling via SDK to more dynamically train the engines.

Chat Bot concierges can use the MASAI SDK Chat Cards” UI widgets to more easily generate “rich UI cards” when communicating on a chat interaction model. 

Use Chat Cards UI widgets > | M2C members only

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