Concierge are mobile apps’ or web sites that enrich their offer by aggregating multiple services from different Providers.

The primary benefit of a concierge service getting involved with MASAI is to gain access to a wide range of products and services and deliver these quickly and easily to their customers. The following section describes the possibilities for a concierge to gain access to services available on the MASAI network and how to present selected services to end customers using MASAI tools and components.


Quick start

A quick start guide to easily implement the Service Discovery, depending on your case.
Get also access to MASAI open source concierge applications and backoffice templates.

View Guide >



Links to the components mostly used by concierges:

Service Discovery Web Tool >

Service Discovery SDK >

Concierge back-office template >

Concierge application template for iOS / Android >

Folder concept >



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