Quick start for Concierges developers

Quick start with Service Discovery

Service Discovery is used by Concierges to find out the Service Providers and their services.

See how to proceed depending on your case:

Case 1: SDK

A library to integrate in your mobile application to use the SD features.

See tutorial for Android SDK >     Other SDK >

Case 2: Web Wizard

A visual interface to construct a proper request and send it to the Search Engine.

See tutorial >

Case 3: API

Construct your own request with the parameters you want and send it directly to the Search Engine.

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Quick start with sample open source Concierge modules

Get also access to MASAI sample open source concierge modules on Github :

MASAI Concierge back-office ( Github) >

MASAI Concierge application for iOS ( Github) >

MASAI Concierge application for Android ( Github) >

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