Quick start to use Service Discovery, for Service Providers

Service Discovery enables automatic discovery and use of third party services.

STEP 1 : Define how concierges will access to your services

Case 1: you already have a mobile application

You can enable concierges to directly launch your application (App to App mode) or better, to open your application to a specific page, with specific parameters (Deeplink mode). This is the fastest and easiest way to share your services. No additional development needed.


Case 2: Want to offer integrated services?

This is the most seamless and integrated way to share your services. Enables concierges to access directly your services by providing MASAI API (API mode).

You can use the OTA modelling tool to design your services, once and for all.

See tutorial >      Go to OTA modelling tool >


STEP 2 : Publish your service

Now that you have decided how to share your services, the last step is to make them visible.
The publishing tool helps you to do so.

Go to Publishing tool | M2C members only

See how to proceed depending on your case:

Case 1: App to app

Quickly and simply turn your application visible into concierge applications. Travellers will be at a one-tap link to your app’.

See tutorial >

Deeplink allows to launch a specific page within your application rather than simply launching it.

See tutorial >

Case 3: API

Allows in-depth use of the functionalities of your service directly in concierge applications. Travellers will get an extensive seamless experience.

See tutorial >

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