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MASAI (Mobility Based on Aggregation of Services and Application Interconnection) fosters an open community that’s providing specifications and tools to support simple, seamless, and personalised travel experiences.

Our goal: A personal concierge in every traveller’s pocket.

Implemented under the EC-funded EU HORIZON 2020 Programme, MASAI includes a consortium of small and medium-sized enterprises working with public and private transport and tourist services to develop a common platform, mobile apps, and other innovations.

  • DB Systel (Germany) is the IT company of Deutsche Bahn Group, supporting one of the world’s largest transport and logistics companies with information and communication technologies.



  • CARD4B (Portugal) provides software and expertise for integrated mobility and city services (transit, parking, tolls, taxis, sharing services, attractions, and more).


  • digimobee (France) is an engineering, software editing, and integration firm emphasizing IT architecture for public transport and predictive telediagnosis for vehicles.


  • Ximides B.V. (Netherlands) designs, builds, and runs transactional software and payment systems for companies in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


A MASAI Pilot is a service provider, concierge, or anyone else interested in joining the MASAI community to share information, contribute ideas, and help shape the future of European travel.

Service Provider Pilots include transportation companies or agencies, hotel chains and accommodations, travel service aggregators, shared-economy services, etc. They contribute modules that make their services available for inclusion in MASAI-based projects.

Concierge Pilots are developing or contributing to MASAI Concierge Apps—specialized modules that connect travellers with service providers.


MASAI’s initial projects and proofs of concepts include:


  • MASAI Discovery: An online repository for services discoverable by MASAI community member using an open-source search engine


  • MOONS (Mobility Open Network of Services): Protocol providing security, publishing, and discovery mechanisms for MASAI services and facilitating connections between various services


  • MASAI Folder: A common digital home for travel preferences, itineraries, documents, and more


  • Concierge App: A proof-of-concept app that connects to various travel services using available APIs and accesses MASAI Folder information to personalise offers

Consumers demand integration. They want to survey their options and make travel decisions based on their personal interests, preferences, and budgets. Many will bypass systems that seem to value proprietary services and brand loyalty over convenience and choice.

MASAI believes an integrated approach will help more service providers and concierges connect with more European markets, innovate more quickly, and ultimately generate more sales.

FAQs for Concierges

Concierge apps are MASAI modules that connect travellers with MASAI services. Any participating developer, concierge provider, or service provider can develop concierge apps under the MASAI specifications. We encourage diverse apps and services that meet all kinds of targeted traveller needs.


MASAI is predicated on the belief that concierges play essential roles in travel planning, booking, and support, by connecting travellers with services.

MASAI takes an expansive view of concierges, encompassing all kinds of travel concierge companies, but also all means of interacting with travellers—human agents, chatbots, artificial intelligence systems, and beyond.

MASAI concierge pilots network with service providers, partner on development of apps and other tools, and boost their business profiles.


Every developer, concierge provider and service provider can develop his own concierge app under the MASAI specifications. MASAI encourages also groups of people with special needs to develop apps and services which meets their target travelers needs.

FAQs for Service Provider

Every participating MASAI service provider and concierge can decide whether to disclose proprietary APIs. MASAI connects companies and individuals who want to help build a seamless European travel experience, but does not facilitate commercial agreements.

We provide an open ecosystem, meaning we welcome any interested party to join, contribute, and comment as they choose. Publishing your API positions your service for inclusion in MASAI-derived apps, etc., but is not required.

No. MASAI is aggregating existing specifications and building a community to develop user-driven technologies. It aims to better connect consumers with existing providers and is not a commercial venture.

MASAI offers service providers (transportation companies, accommodations, service aggregators, shared-economy services, and more) an opportunity to network, gain visibility, and boost performance.

A service provider contributes one or more modules that become part of the MASAI ecosystem. By joining MASAI, service providers can ensure their service is available for inclusion in MASAI-derived apps and other tools.

No, MASAI is a technology initiative under the H2020 research programme.  MASAI is aggregating existing specifications and a builds a network/community for user driven emerging technologies.

  • Open in a business context means that every party interested in the MASAI initiative can join, contribute and comment in bringing Europe closer to a seamless user friendly travel experience. Its up to every concierge and service provider to disclose proprietary APIs or not. MASAI wants to facilitate the networking inbetween people in the domain of seamless travelling but doesn´t do commercial agreements.
  • Open in a MASAI project context means that the MASAI Whitebook, specification and components will be made publicly available.

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