MASAI Concierge Providers are major connecting points in the MASAI community. The MASAI Concierge Apps represent the consumer’s entry point to travel planning and purchasing, addressing the traveller’s need for a seamless travel experience by combining the service offer of several Concierges and Services Providers. Travellers using MASAI Concierge App components are enabled to comfortably connect with the MASAI open ecosystem for their travel planning and purchasing process. Via the MASAI Discovery Service, they are connected to MASAI Concierge Providers linking up travellers demands with Service Providers’ products and services. The MASAI Concierges are not the spearhead of a Hub gathering services from a closed ecosystem, but rather modules situated in a competitive and open environment.

In the MASAI context, concierge services enable interaction between end users and services available. Concierge services can integrate their solutions to MASAI or draw on the white label concierge app provided by MASAI.

MASAI addresses the interconnection of digital services to facilitate mobility in heterogeneous and diversified environments. The MASAI core idea originates from the traditional concierge offered by hotels serving the traveller personally. The MASAI Concierge is a digital concierge linking up the traveller’s demand with the products and services offered by all Service Providers connected to the MASAI community. The traveller enters in contact with a MASAI Concierge Provider by using his favourite MASAI Concierge App. In order to provide the traveller with a convenient and compliant offer, the Concierge Providers module is then linked to the modules of the multiple Service Providers participating in the MASAI community.

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