MASAI Module

A MASAI module is a part of a system that:

  • Provides MASAI services,
  • Subscribes to MASAI services,
  • Has its own internal services/functions.

It is using the security and publishing/discovering mechanisms of the MOONS.

A MASAI Module is maintained by a Service Provider.

A module can provide 0 to X MASAI services and subscribe to 0 to X MASAI services. A module can’t provide no MASAI service and subscribe to no MASAI service (it can’t be the couple {0;0}).

Modules are organised into Groups of MASAI Modules.

MASAI Modules are geographically localized.

Examples: DB Smart In, Capitaine Train (backoffice, with User Interface – mobile applications), BPASS Lignes d’Azur…

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