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MASAI aims to integrate European travel systems, positioning concierges as key points of connection between consumers and services, and creating a true door-to-door travel experience.

Concierges can include both boutique agencies and full-service operators using human agents and fully automated systems. MASAI helps them package custom travel plans; select personalised offers for individual clients; and enhance continuous real-time customer service.

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Attract new customers through the MASAI network and expand your business

Enrich your
client’s experience

Offer instant customer service through the European leading MASAI concierge apps

Stay connected
with your clients

Stay top of mind with your travelers. Offer live chat and click-to-call assistance right in your traveler’s itinerary

Provide a
seamless experience

Give your travelers access to their travel plans – and you – all in one place. Anytime, on any device

real-time services

Be accessible when MASAI concierge alerts your travelers of delays, cancellations, and much more

leading-edge technology

Be assisted by modern artificial intelligence while serving the traveler

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MASAI is predicated on the belief that concierges play essential roles in travel planning, booking, and support, by connecting travellers with services.

MASAI takes an expansive view of concierges, encompassing all kinds of travel concierge companies, but also all means of interacting with travellers—human agents, chatbots, artificial intelligence systems, and beyond.

MASAI concierge pilots network with service providers, partner on development of apps and other tools, and boost their business profiles.

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To implement the tools you need to join M2C.

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Concierge apps are MASAI modules that connect travellers with MASAI services. Any participating developer, concierge provider, or service provider can develop concierge apps under the MASAI specifications. We encourage diverse apps and services that meet all kinds of targeted traveller needs.

All of the MASAI tools are accessible on the technical playground for registered users.

MASAI provides an in-depth tutorial for all available tools here.

If you need help to use the MASAI tools you can either ask your question to the MASAI community or you can contact the MASAI consortium.

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