bg-travel-easy-colorService Providers

Service Providers increase the visibility of their offer, by providing services (apps’, APIs, widgets,…) that can be exposed to and used by third party concierges.

Learn how to publish a service, model a new one in MASAI environment, and more with our developer resources for Service Providers.

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Concierges are mobile apps’ or web sites that enrich their offer by aggregating multiple services from different Providers.

Learn how to discover services and fetch their APIs, add to your system our white-label front and back-ends, and more in our developer resources for Concierges.

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What to you want to do ?

Integrate new services concierge

Service Discovery helps you to easily discover and aggregate complementary services. Available data models cover many steps of customers journey, such as planning or booking for transportation, accommmdation, tourism...

Expose your servicesservice providers

Service Modelling and Publishing allow to directly expose your services through new channels. Then, they will be automatically identified and easily consumed by relevant third-party e-concierges. Available data models are compliant with the major standards in the industry.

Contribute to new type of serviceservice providers

M2C extends the range of type of services compatible within the environnement, thanks to existing standards and community experts. You can use modelling tool (OTM-DE) to modelize a new type of service in a sandbox, or participate to dedicated workgroups

Build a concierge app with our open source modulesconcierge

You can add to systems our white-label back-office and applications (iOS, Android). They are ready-to-use open source platforms, available on Github.

Overview of M2C architecture


Overview of tools

There are three MASAI Tools in total of which two, Service Publishing and Service Modelling, are aimed at providers that want to make their services visible in the MASAI ecosystem. The third MASAI Tool, the Service Discovery, is mainly for providers of concierge services that intend to access offerings available in the ecosystem. The suggested workflow:


Note: this is only a suggestion of the workflow of the tools and, since they are available at no cost to M2C members, they may be freely used in any way required.

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